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Loan Solutions

One application for all loan products will yield you multiple lending options!

Ignited Business Capital

Business Line of Credit

Prepare for seasonal business expenses, bridge cash flow gaps, or cover unexpected expenses. We have a business line of credit option for you.

Ignited Business Capital

Cash Advance Loans

We work with a vast network of MCA companies to secure for you the best merchant cash advance terms

Ignited Business Capital

Business Term Loans

We help you navigate online lenders with variable and fixed-rate loan options in either short or long term

Ignited Business Capital

SBA Business Loans

These low interest, longer term loans will help you expand your business and take it to new heights.

Ignited Business Capital

Equipment Financing

We specialize in Equipment financing. We will help you sort through all available equipment financing options your business needs.

Ignited Business Capital

Working Capital Loans

The best option for small business long & short term financial working capital needs.